It Is Not Who you Influence, It Is How You Influence

Robert White worked at the same company in New York City with me. This was my first job after college and I did sales support. During my three years stint at this corporation, Robert worked there part-time. We immediately took a liking to each other after we met. We shared the trait of not taking the American corporate work environment too seriously.

We would laugh and crack jokes at our more-often-than-not boring and time wasting tasks. We spent a good amount of time talking about culture, world languages and memories from 20th century USA. He was in his 60s and had lived a great life. He was an extraordinary person and my great friend. The kindness and support he gave me during the time I met him was a source of inspiration to me. For this, he’s made a positive impact in my life.

Before I left this company, I asked him if he could write a letter of recommendation so I could apply to a fellowship program in Germany. He did it gladly even during a turbulent period of his life. I didn’t know this then but he had cancer and was about to start chemotherapy for a tumor that had spread to his bones.

It has been a little over a year since Robert passed away and I miss him dearly. As a German language enthusiast as he was, he would be glad to know that the letter of recommendation he wrote ended up helping me getting the research fellowship I so coveted in Germany. Today I am here enjoying the fruits of the kindness and love that he selflessly poured onto a friend.

Robert’s acts and virtues have influenced my life. I am better human being due to this.

Danke schön fur alles Liebster Freund.

Recruiter’s Disgrace

Often times recruiters send emails to me or email lists that I am subscribed to about job opportunities. Some are decent requests about helping out a non-profit, others are start-ups asking if anyone has extra time to work with them, but once in a blue moon one comes across the outright outrageous job post spams.
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Notes from Ash Maurya’s Running Lean

This week Running Lean by Ash Maurya was my companion book. Reading the book felt like a pragmatic lesson on how to apply The Lean Startup concepts from chapter one. Maurya gives a thorough explanation how he went on creating the book, by interviewing customers, creating a minimum viable product, iterating, testing, and all other attributes that are core to the Lean methodology.
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Notes From the Book: Lean UX Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

“It is in the smallest bottles that one find the best colognes and perfumes,” goes the saying in Brazil. I recently finished reading Jeff Gothelf’s and Josh Seiden’s Lean UX Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience. It was a short but immensely informative book. I am glad I had read Eric Ries’ Lean Startup book before this one because most of the concepts of the Lean methodology are reinforced in Lean UX, but with a focus on product design. 
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Notes from the Book: The Lean Startup

A few weeks ago, I talked to Corey Innis from Neo about careers in the tech industry and what makes a great developer. He gave me great pieces of advice as well as a list of books to read. I decided to write a book summary for myself every time I finish one os the books he recommended. This one is about “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries.
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