Recruiter’s Disgrace

Often times recruiters send emails to me or email lists that I am subscribed to about job opportunities. Some are decent requests about helping out a non-profit, others are start-ups asking if anyone has extra time to work with them, but once in a blue moon one comes across the outright outrageous job post spams.

[JOB] Rails Developer in Greenwich, CT but for a measly 125/hour (skip it)

I have a Greenwich, CT client looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer for a 1-year contract engagement with a 99.99% chance of extension. You could do this job one-handed in a club (think Pacha or Marquee) standing right in front of the speaker while scantily-clad go-go girls provocatively gyrate to house music in an enclosed multi colored shower/cage-like room. The job pays to $125 per hour, but they can swing a few extra dollars for the strippers. Master jedi, super ninja, Chuck Norris coding skills required. Blah, Blah, crap, crap ….

Justin Wright, I.T. Recruiter
Capital Markets Placement, Inc.
33 West 26th Street New York, NY 10010
Direct: 718-598-1411

“scantily clad go-go girls”… Was this recruiter aware that there are female programmers in the email list he spammed this with? This post is sexist and offensive. The people who read the email did not take it well. Some of the answers were:

I hope this is just a really ill-conceived joke…


Justin, Your “humor” is exemplar of the boys club culture that has excluded women from joining the industry in large numbers. Clean up your act or get out.


If you don’t recognize what you wrote was offensive you need to grow up and enter the current century.

The recruiter replied in high-class jerk-ism:

On Apr 26, 2014, at 7:13 PM, “Justin Wright”> wrote:

I’m not upset, but I do change my name every 4 months. I look forward to making 20-30k off you some day. Hey by any chance do you people ever engage in any Fight Club-like stuff at your little meetings? That would be so much fun ‘cept how can you code with broken fingers. Oh well I thought I had a really good idea.

Nighty night.

and even

On Apr 26, 2014, at 7:44 PM, “Justin Wright”> wrote:

Thanks dude. Have fun coding gibberish for a dumbass worthless product that’s gonna fail thanks to your shitty ability. Oh and I’ll always make more $ than you all while either vacationing, napping, chillin, fine dining, or fucking your girlfriend/wife/mom, whatever. This is fun!

Last but not least

From: Justin Wright <> Date: Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 8:56 PM Subject: RE: [nycruby] [JOB] Rails Developer in Greenwich, CT but for a measly 125/hour (skip it)

That’s my boss. We already talked and he’s gonna let me go tomorrow (to get another job and change my name). I can’t wait to use you codemonkeys like the cattle I consider you to be. I’m gonna need a bigger wallet Wad of money

I was appalled when I read this and any person who strives to diversify the industry by welcoming women to work as programmers should be also. The recruiter’s email and behavior was wrong and we should speak up and educate others that this is not okay.

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