Using Capybara in your Rails Application

I had the opportunity to have Li Ouyang tutor me on Test Driven Development with Capybara recently. Since getting my feet wet with Rspec, I’ve wondered how to use Capybara in my Rails application. Li was very kind to teach me so.
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Sending Pull Requests

This weekend I contributed to my first (of many more!) open source projects. I pair-programmed with Cameron Cundiff on Whiteboard, a tool from Pivotal Labs that aims to increase the effectiveness of office-wide standups and increase communication with the technical community. Cameron is a great human being, painter and advocate for web accessibility. I am big fan of his work. This experience taught me many lessons. I wanted to write a few blog posts about what I learned. In this first one, I’d like to share how one goes about contributing and properly submitting a pull request to an open source project.
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Notes from Ash Maurya’s Running Lean

This week Running Lean by Ash Maurya was my companion book. Reading the book felt like a pragmatic lesson on how to apply The Lean Startup concepts from chapter one. Maurya gives a thorough explanation how he went on creating the book, by interviewing customers, creating a minimum viable product, iterating, testing, and all other attributes that are core to the Lean methodology.
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