Notes From the Book: Lean UX Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

“It is in the smallest bottles that one find the best colognes and perfumes,” goes the saying in Brazil. I recently finished reading Jeff Gothelf’s and Josh Seiden’s Lean UX Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience. It was a short but immensely informative book. I am glad I had read Eric Ries’ Lean Startup book before this one because most of the concepts of the Lean methodology are reinforced in Lean UX, but with a focus on product design. 
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My Presentation at Brooklyn Internets

Last night I gave a presentation on websockets to a lovely audience at the Brooklyn Internets meetup. I had the idea for this presentation from Richard Powell’s tutorial, which I took a few weeks ago. If you happen to finish the tutorial, send him a hello on twitter. He will appreciate it and might even send you links to more learning materials.

It was great fun giving the paintforfun app presentation. The highlight was when I asked the audience to join me in some painting antics. Below is the result of the experiment:

Art during the 3rd BK Meetup

Picasso would be green with envy.

Notes from the Book: The Lean Startup

A few weeks ago, I talked to Corey Innis from Neo about careers in the tech industry and what makes a great developer. He gave me great pieces of advice as well as a list of books to read. I decided to write a book summary for myself every time I finish one os the books he recommended. This one is about “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries.
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Enter Data /Update Data to Elements/Exit Elements with No Data- A D3 Production

This week I’m taking D3 lessons. D3 is for Data-Driven Document, a JavaScript framework that lives for data visualization.

The concept of enter/update/exit at first was a little difficult to understand in the context of d3 code. In this post I am going to try to explain to you (reader) but mostly to confused me what they mean.

The basis of d3 is that you want to show data in the DOM, so in order to do so you need to select an element and bind data to it. It would be very tedious to add the data to each element individually so d3 uses enter/update/exit to control this for you.

Let’s see how this works:
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Accidental Text Editor Shortcut Discovery

It was when I was creating migrations to my rails application that I accidentally discovered a Sublime shortcut that I bet you don’t know about (if you happen to know it already, congratulations! You are the definite keyboard shortcut master!).

The shortcut is ctrl + t, which swaps the closest words from the line you are in the text editor.


I bumped into this command when I was actually trying to press command + t to search for a file in my rails app. It was a surprising but useful discovery. I already used it in other instances while coding.

Hope it can be handy for you too. Now go on and code away, shortcut master!

Lecture- Kimberly Bryant From Black Girls Code

This past week, I had the pleasure to meet Kimberly Bryant from Black Girls Code. She gave a talk about her organization and her experience as a developer to students of the NYU Web Development Fellowship. She is so inspirational. I enjoyed her talk about giving back to the community via teaching kids about coding. During her lecture I had the idea of putting together a team to go on a 2-month bus ride throughout northeastern Brazil and teaching children to code in cities we stop by along the way. I hope to accomplish this in a not too distant future.

Thanks for the amazing talk, Kimberly.

And here is a photo of the moment.
Flatiron BK00 Photo