Troubleshooting Heroku Deployment Errors

I was at my wit’s end. For one hour or two, it indeed felt longer, I was trying to deploy a Sinatra web application that I created this past week week at the Flatiron school to Heroku. Something was definitely amiss because Heroku kept telling me:

! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to ...

I tried to remove and add the heroku repo again and again to no avail. I tried to close terminal and restart it but nothing. What did I do to you, Herokuuuuu???? I felt like weeping, anime-style.

Then I sat back and pondered. What could I have done to my app that heroku did not appreciate? I looked at all my files. They seemed okay. Maybe it was a gem that I had misspelled or something , I thought. I looked at my gemfile  and in that instant I knew the answer! It should not be gemfile but Gemfile. I remembered that Heroku is case sensitive and because I had written the file name all downcase letters, it was not liking it. I changed the file name and voilà: all worked fine.

Sometimes heroku, you can be a piece of work.

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