Shortcutting in the Terminal

Blake, one of instructors at Flatiron School, gave today an informative lecture on dev tools and environments – irb for Ruby, Homebrew, X code command line– among other good stuff. He also gave handy tips about installing (and debugging in case it happens when installing) the aforementioned bag of tech goodies.

The part I most enjoyed about the lecture today was the keyboard shortcuts used in terminal. He scolded me a couple of times for using the mouse touch pad instead of ” alt + tab ” for changing the operating system open windows.  I learned from him after this baptism by fire (I kid of course, Blake is great)  that there are lot of useful commands that allow you  to navigate the terminal without ever using the mouse again if you so desire.   After researching more about this topic and practicing some commands I mastered a few commands today. Here they are:
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Opt- imism

Optimism defines your success. I am about to start an educational journey today. For the next five months I will working with 28 peers with the same level of computer programming that I do – almost nothing . We will learn and grow together. It will be brilliant and glorious. But it won’t happen well if we don’t cultivate a sense of optimism about our learning.
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Last Day of Pre-Work

It has been three and a half weeks of learning through videos, blog reading, and quizzes. The pre-work prepared to students by the Flatiron school aims to give students exposure and basic understanding of some the concepts and  programming languages that are going taught during the semester. The pace is going to be quick tell Ashley and Blake, our instructors, and it will help for all to be comfortable with the fundamentals.
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