I Am a Deaf Frog

“Nothing is unattainable. Something can be very difficult to achieve, but not outright impossible. With time and determination, I will get it.”

I say this to myself every time I  am confronted with adversity. This past week was the second week of the Web Development Fellowship. The level of complexity of the exercises are increasing by the day and what took me a few minutes to finish is now taking me hours. When I am working on hours on a program problem, and I still can’t see the end of the tunnel, frustration sets in. Whenever I am frustrated and my mind tricks me into quitting,  I remember of my young self in acting class.

At the age  of 16, I took some theater classes, among other inhibitions this class helped me take over my fear of stuttering in public. I have always stuttered, more then than now but at that time I was afraid what others would think of me. Theater is as great tool to overcome this fear. Acting in front of hundreds of people did help me, but it was a story that I interpreted during one of those classes that had the major impact on me. This story was about the frog race:

Several frogs raced to climb the top of a tree. As the minutes passed and no frog manage to reach the peak, some frogs decided to leave the race and shouted back to the others who were still trying to climb:” It is too difficult! No one will make it!”. After a good amount of shouting, gradually all frogs but one stopped trying to climb the tree.  The remaining frog kept trying and trying until it eventually , after surmounting each obstacle, managed to climb to the top of the tree. Once the winning frog was on the ground again, the others asked it how it was able to perform such feat.  The victorious amphibian did not reply. In fact, it could not understand a word the others realized, because it was deaf.

The moral of the story is simple but powerful. “Don’t let anyone, not even your fears(those annoying voices in the mind), stop you from reaching your full potential.” Like the deaf frog climbing the tree, one failed attempt after another, I am going to keep working on complex programming problems until I become great at web development.  I will be deaf to the voices that aren’t constructive. And I will remind myself that every day in every way I am getting better and better.

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