Prework- The SQL

I was introduced to Ruby last week while I was doing the Flatiron School pre-work assignments. I was amazed by how easy this programming language is compared to Java, the first programming language I learned. One thing that stands out in Ruby is that there are different ways to do the same thing– the different types of loops for example: for , while, until loops, the .each method to iterate through an array,  and more.  School  classes (with lectures) start in two weeks. I can’t wait to learn more about Ruby and start building practical web applications with it.

Meanwhile, prework assignment continues. This week students are going to have exposure to SQL, Javascript, testing and learning about different types of databases. I’m kicking off today with SQL, which a hear is not a difficult skill to attain. Hopefully I will get done with it within 6 hours so I can delve right into JavaScript, one of my favorite programming languages.

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