Going Commando

Yesterday my goal was  to go  through the command lines tutorial. I enjoyed the Treehouse videos, but they were not enough.  I am getting more in depth in this topic than I should, just for the hell of it.

Learning how to navigate using command lines is foreign to me, so most of the commands such as touch, cat, cd, tail, and grep sounded bizarre at first. After a few video tutorials, get a hang of it easily. Blake, our instructor, mentioned that if students wish not to learn this well now it is fine. This is one of those things that you will eventually learn with practice as you must use it in every web development project you do.  “It’s similar to playing soccer”, he metaphors. “Say that you are learning to pass the ball.  It does not really matter if you can’t get the concept of it in your first try, you will end up using it so many times while you are playing the sport ( as passing the ball is a fundamental part of the game, unless you are a selfish show-off being) that you will learn by doing.

Nice comparison, Blake. But I still want to learn more about it. I have to say it was kind of intimidating to see in The Flatiron prework, an optional tutorial called: “Learn the Command Line the Hardway“.

Challenge accepted therefore I am “going command”.  Not the literal meaning of this English expression; I am still wearing underwear by the time of this writing if you are curious.  I like the more historical meaning of it: it is called ‘going commando’ because of an old practice in the army, where you didn’t shit your underwear in battle, you didn’t wear any – and therefore could boast that you didn’t shit your pants.

I am going commando on this command line thing. I just hope I don’t smear my tighty whities.

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