Humble Beginnings

My life has turned upside down!  All for the better.

I heard last Friday that I got accepted to the NYC Web development Fellowship at The Flatiron School! This is was great news because I had decided back in August that I was going to quit my job to learn computer programming no matter what, even if it meant being locked in my apartment for many months. I was ready to become a hermit.  In fact, I was becoming one until I found out that I was going to attend classes at The Flatiron School. Now I am here, four days after the great news, surrounded by amazing classmates and inspiring instructors.  Life is good.

This is my second day at the school. We are all engaged in the pre-work. It is a bit monotonous as we have to watch tons of videos and don’t really get to work in groups at this stage yet. But I understand that we all have to get the basics done before the group coding starts. Right now it seems that we are all in different spectrums of coding skills. It will be nice to plateau the gap among us before we code away to our hearts content as a group.

Yesterday I spent the whole day reading about web definitions such as DSN, Top level Domain, Ajax, Version Control, Bug, and the like. I really like to know the history behind those words. Did you know that a program bug originated from the fact that once a moth was found inside a computer and prevented it from functioning? Therefore the term debugging for fixing a software unexpected error.

Today I am moving on the pre-work list of exercises. My goal for the day is to learn command line well. When I started learning how to code one month ago by myself I went straight into HTML and CSS. Being able to go back  and learn things well and in depth will give me a great foundation.


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